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TeamEx helps you hire and manage fully committed experts from LATAM and Europe.


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Match with Deeply Vetted Experts

Last month, 27 of 1230 applicants passed our rigorous 5-step screening process.

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13.5 yrs avg. experience

Hire Developers


13.2 yrs avg. experience

Hire Designers

AI Engineers

11.8 yrs avg. experience

Hire AI Engineers

Data Scientists

10.7 yrs avg. experience

Hire Data Scientists

ML/DevOps Engineers

7.5 yrs avg. experience

Hire ML/DevOps Engineers


6.8 yrs avg. experience

Hire Testers/QA

Meet Our Experts

Thiago S.

Thiago S.

  • Brazil

19 years of exp.

Ignacio S.
Data Scientist

Ignacio S.

  • Mexico

14 years of exp.

PythonAWSData Analysis
Sofía P.

Sofía P.

  • Chile

14 years of exp.

Michal Z.
Data Scientist

Michal Z.

  • Poland

13 years of exp.

PythonAWSSQL Server
Federico R.

Federico R.

  • Mexico

12 years of exp.


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Utilize the Power of AI

  • High accuracy in skill match
  • Consideration of team culture
  • Consideration of past relevant experiences
  • No human bias

Manage Your Team in One Place

  • Local compliance
  • Benefits
  • Global payroll and contract management
  • Invite your current employees to TeamEx

Provide Benefits, Increase Retention

  • Health insurance
  • Paid time offs
  • Gym memberships
  • Hardware procurement

Enjoy Flexibility. Embrace Transparency.

  • Direct salary negotiations with talent. No middleman.
  • Fixed monthly TeamEx fee
  • No upfront payments
  • No minimum commitments

How it works

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How TeamEx Experts are Different?

We believe that great businesses are built only by individuals who are highly professional, talented, and fully committed.

Work Culture

Highly Professional

Our screening process allows us to only select talent who are highly professional and ethical.


Fully Committed

We don't hire freelancers. Our network consists of fully committed individuals seeking career growth.


Vastly Experienced

On average, "TeamExers" have 10.6 years of deep experience in their fields, verified by references and background checks.

You want missionaries, not mercenaries.

TeamEx experts uplift your team, contribute to your mission, and enrich your culture.

TeamEx Experts

  • Growth-Oriented

    Focused on career advancement.

  • Team Collaborators

    Eager to integrate and uplift.

  • Dedicated Commitment

    Bound to one team and employer.

  • Culture Fit

    Contributes to your team culture.

  • Continuously Supported

    Backed by TeamEx for ongoing success.


  • Transaction-Oriented

    Focuses on time and the projects.

  • Solo Operators

    Lacks team synergy, no shared goals.

  • Split Commitments

    Works with multiple clients at a time.

  • Individual Priorities

    Puts independence before team fit.

  • On Their Own

    High risk and solo without a safety net.


TeamEx is built to simplify the complexities of global team expansion.

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Yes. However, many of our clients appreciate the convenience of hiring multiple talents and managing them all in one place, taking full advantage of our platform's capabilities.

No, there is no minimum commitment required. However, we carefully select our clients, prioritizing those with sincere intentions. This approach ensures we fulfill our promise to our talents – providing them with long-term, stable career opportunities. While we prefer to engage in long-term deals, we understand that circumstances can change. Therefore, we do not impose any fees or legal obligations for early termination.

While our AI can match you with an excellent talent from our pool within minutes, the entire process – including confirming their availability, conducting human verification, scheduling interviews, and making the final decision – can take up to 2 weeks.

We are devoted to facilitating a seamless global employment experience, that is only achievable with simple, transparent, and value-focused pricing.

Regardless of the talent's salary, which you directly negotiate with the talent, we charge a flat rate of $975 per month for each talent you hire at TeamEx.

This approach is based on the substantial value of being an employer on record (EOR) and the luxury of accessing our vetted talent pool.

You can learn more about our pricing on this page.

Our difference is rooted in our core beliefs. In global team expansion, we believe that the best results are achieved when talents are highly professional, fully committed, and operate without a “middleman”. Thus, all of our services are designed around these principles.

If you are interested in learning about the features that sets us apart from others, then visit our pricing page to see a side-by-side comparison.

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