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TeamEx vs. What Is the Best Talent Acquisition Option

Mariana Krasteva
Mariana KrastevaMarketing Expert at TeamEx

Interested in hiring new talent for your organization? Talent acquisition can be drawn-out and expensive, with the average cost of hiring a new employee reaching $4,683 and the process taking an average of 40 days to complete. As a result, businesses are turning towards AI-powered platforms that speed up hiring times, reduce unnecessary expenses, and overall enhance the process. 

Two platforms that you might consider when hiring new tech talent include TeamEx and But which option is the best for your business’s needs? Explore and compare the top features of both options to determine the most suitable global recruitment platform to aid you in hiring top-performing talent. 

What is launched in 2019 with the aim to simplify and speed up the recruitment process. Through AI technology, the platform matches US-based startups and tech companies with suitable candidates to fill freelance and full-time positions.’s support for businesses is limited, as the platform’s services predominantly revolve around the matching of candidates with available role jobs. 

What is TeamEx?

TeamEx is an advanced AI-powered global talent acquisition and management platform that transforms recruitment through the AI recruiter Diza. It’s designed to streamline recruitment processes and ensure businesses connect with qualified tech talent in Latin America and Europe to fulfill long-term roles.

How does TeamEx work? Rather than solely focusing on talent’s skills and qualifications, TeamEx’s assessment of candidates extends to their personality, values, and work preferences. This ensures that all matches between candidates and employers are optimal, reducing the likelihood of turnover or friction between new hires and existing team members. 

TeamEx’s services go beyond the hiring stages, as the platform also supports business during the onboarding and assimilation process to ensure both employers and candidates are satisfied with the new arrangement. This additional support allows businesses to hire with confidence, minimizing the chance of needing to rehire and accelerating the time it takes for new hires to seamlessly integrate into the team. 

TeamEx vs. - Which is Better?

By considering different factors of both TeamEx and, we can determine the best option for businesses interested in joining a full-featured, reliable, and transparent AI talent acquisition platform. 

Talent Selection

A recruitment platform’s talent selection should be carefully curated and selected based on relevant criteria. Inexperienced candidates who lack the desired traits of a productive employee can disrupt business operations and negatively impact team dynamics within an organization.

Businesses that outsource their recruitment processes to platforms do so to minimize costs and reduce the time it takes to hire new talent. However, the benefits of recruiting talent through a dedicated platform are only realized if the platform has established a high-quality and diverse pool of candidates.

Available roles business can hire for on include developers (front-end, back-end, full-stack, security, data engineering, DevOps), designers (UX, UI, graphic, video), and marketers (social media, content, SEO, email, brand).  

As the platform has a wider selection, it can increase the time it takes to assess all candidates and can result in a lack of focus, since Arc.Dev’s resources are spread across multiple industries. The platform’s services will also be more generic and lack features that are beneficial for tech recruitment. Moreover, this broad range of roles can result in lower quality matches and increase the chance of unsuitable hires for businesses.


TeamEx focuses on tech-related roles, such as developers, AI engineers, data scientists, ML/DevOps engineers, and QA testers. 

By specifically catering to tech talent, TeamEx has a greater understanding of the specific skills, attributes, and experiences required for roles. TeamEx’s smaller talent pool is highly curated, resulting in a more efficient hiring process. With a focus on the tech niche, TeamEx can also tailor its services through relevant screening processes, further attracting quality talent who trust the platform to efficiently match them with suitable roles.

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Screening Process

The screening process is a vital component of any recruitment platform. Although most platforms limit their analysis to the skills and qualifications of candidates, ensuring relevant and precise connections between employers and employees requires a deeper understanding of each candidate's personality traits, values, goals, and beliefs.

Platforms that do not consider this may make unsuitable matches, resulting in businesses needing to rehire and extend their recruitment process. analyzes candidates based on key factors related to their communication skills and technical abilities. The platform does not give any indication that it evaluates candidates based on their personality traits, values, or other attributes. 

Communication and English literacy are assessed through either a one-on-one video call with the platform's recruiting experts or through an asynchronous video interview. Relevant candidates will also complete a coding challenge or a live technical interview with a senior developer to test their programming skills. 


TeamEx’s screening process is divided into five stages, beginning with an application form. This form allows candidates to detail their professional background, qualifications, and achievements. This stage confirms whether the candidate's experience and skills align with TeamEx’s requirements and provides a basis for the subsequent stages in the screening process to be tailored to each individual. 

The second stage is an introductory video, where candidates can discuss their background, goals, and reasons for joining the platform. This stage tests their English proficiency while also providing insights into their personality. With this information, TeamEx can assess whether the candidates are motivated and enthusiastic to work, as well as what their personal beliefs are.  

The following stages include a technical assessment and a real-world project to evaluate each candidate's technical ability, problem-solving skills, quality of work, time management, and work ethic. Candidates that pass these stages move to the final live panel interview, where our team can further evaluate the candidate's personality, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and potential for cultural fit.

Through this rigorous five-step process, TeamEx can gain a holistic view of all candidates to increase the accuracy of their matches and ensure all candidates that the platform connects with job roles will positively contribute to the hiring businesses. 

AI Utilization

Artificial intelligence has proven to optimize and enhance various processes within different industries, and talent acquisition is one industry that can significantly benefit from the implementation of AI. With traditional methods taking weeks or even months to complete, businesses can suffer from increased expenses and delays to projects, among other hindrances.

Through AI, time-consuming processes, such as creating job descriptions, screening candidates, manual outreaching, and arranging interviews, can be automated, saving time and costs for businesses whilst ensuring unparalleled accuracy in hiring decisions. However, the effectiveness of AI in recruiting depends on how it is utilized by talent acquisition platforms. utilizes its AI recruiter, HireAI, which is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4. HireAI automatically assesses all candidates from the platform’s talent pool to identify the top matches for job posts. does not state any other processes in the platform’s services where HireAI is applied.


TeamEx’s AI recruiter, Diza, assists during multiple stages of the hiring process, automating 95% of the tasks involved. From the initial screening of candidates to aiding communication between employers and talent, Diza provides enhanced speed and precision, aiding both parties. This automation also helps to remove unconscious biases in recruiting and reduces the time it takes for businesses to find new candidates. 

Further Comparison of TeamEx and 

Explore this summarized comparison between both AI recruitment platforms to get a detailed overview of each option.



On-going support

Dedicated support during the screening, negotiation, onboarding, and team integration process to ensure candidate and business satisfaction

Offers a trial period but does not claim to provide any form of continuous support for businesses or candidates  


$975 per month per talent

$999 per month for full-time hires

Payment structure

Flat monthly fee without hidden costs

Choice between monthly fees or pay-per-hire for freelance talent

Geographical coverage 

Caters to businesses globally

Focuses on connecting candidates to US-based businesses

Choosing the Best Global Talent Acquisition and Management Platform 

Although both TeamEx and are talent acquisition platforms that utilize AI, the two options have distinct differences, with the former excelling in several areas. 

While prioritizes establishing a large talent pool, it fails to provide a truly tailored experience for businesses searching for top-quality tech talent. On the other hand, TeamEx ensures that businesses are fully supported as they recruit talent for long-term positions. With continuous support, a transparent pricing structure, a comprehensive screening process, and a carefully curated talent pool, TeamEx stands out as the best option. 

Due to these advantages, along with the thoughtful integration of an advanced AI recruiter, Diza, TeamEx also surpasses other options, such as development agencies and recruiting agencies, by providing an innovative, fine-tuned, and simplified approach to tech talent recruitment. 

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