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How to Get the Most Out of TeamEx as Talent

Zafar Ibrohimov
Zafar IbrohimovFounder and CEO at TeamEx

TeamEx is designed to link tech experts with appropriate companies and positions that match their skill set, values, and expertise. After joining our platform, we’ll help you find suitable roles with competitive pay rates, allowing you to expand your experience and grow your career in the tech industry.

Despite the breakthrough in AI and the threatening perspective of tech job shrinkage, more than half of tech companies globally are still experiencing a skills shortage. This means that highly qualified, experienced, and skilled tech professionals are still in demand. Although we do our best to assist you and connect you with premier clients, it’s ultimately your responsibility to get the most out of this platform and set yourself up for success. 

This guide will help you learn more about becoming a TeamEx-vetted talent and optimizing your overall experience on our platform. 

What is TeamEx for Talent?

TeamEx is a pioneering platform designed to connect tech professionals with businesses seeking specialized talent. It facilitates transparent and immediate interactions between companies and the selected candidates, prioritizing the perfect alignment of skills, cultural fit, and long-term career goals. 

TeamEx is focused on recruiting top talent from Latin America and Europe, nurturing a talent pool skilled in various tech sectors. It promotes permanent and long-term employment types, offering stability and growth opportunities for professionals in the technology industry. 

The platform uses AI-enabled screening and selection to ensure a holistic match, considering technical competencies alongside interpersonal dynamics and company culture. For talent, TeamEx promises a transparent and fair payment structure, eliminating hidden costs and fostering a straightforward relationship between tech professionals and employers. 

Before You Join TeamEx

At TeamEx, we value a good first impression. When connecting businesses with talent, we want the make sure both sides are getting the best possible experience. As you join TeamEx, you’ll need to conduct an interview and complete an application form to ensure that you’re the right fit for our platform. 

Here are several tips to start the TeamEx screening process on the right foot.

Create an Outstanding Application

Your application is where you have to showcase and summarize your skills, highlight all relevant experience, and make sure to include plenty of detail so we can thoroughly evaluate your qualifications. 

Start with an extensive overview of your professional background, including your education, relevant certifications, and any specialized training you’ve completed. 

Next, you can describe your key achievements, previous projects, and overall accomplishments. 

With an in-depth application, you can help us properly assess your suitability for various positions and determine whether you’re a good fit for our clients. 

Once you’ve created your outstanding application, we’ll be ready to hear from you! 

Prepare for Your Interview 

The first step you’ll need to take is to prepare yourself for an interview with a TeamEx team member. Our platform strives to attract and connect with top talent across Latin America and Europe, so you can expect your interview to be rigorous and thorough. We are looking for candidates who not only have exceptional technical experience but are also able to effectively collaborate in a team environment, prioritize long-term, full-time commitments, and are willing to integrate into the company and its culture. 

Consider these tips when preparing for your interview with TeamEx:

  • Thoroughly research your role: Whatever niche in the tech industry you’re in, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the skills and responsibilities associated with your role. Remember, you must be prepared to provide examples of your past projects to show you are qualified for our client’s roles. 

  • Practice answers to common questions: Although you cannot predict what TeamEx will ask you during the interview process, you can practice thoughtful answers to common questions. 

  • Reflect on your experience and skills: Take time to reflect on your past experience, accomplishments, and skills. Giving examples of collaboration, leadership, and technical expertise during your interview will show that you’re well-versed and dedicated to providing excellent work. 

  • Demonstrate confidence: We want you to present yourself authentically during your interview. That being said, confidence is key to making a positive impression at TeamEx. It showcases your own faith in your abilities and demonstrates credibility regarding your skill set. 

After You Join TeamEx 

If you’ve successfully passed through the interview and application process, you’ll become a valued member of our talent pool. You’ll be ready to move on to the next stage, which involves setting up a profile and receiving offers for our clients’ job positions.  

Complete Your Profile

Your TeamEX profile will be your first interaction with potential employers, so again, it’s paramount to make the best first impression possible. 

Here are some key elements to take care of:

  • Select a professional photo for your profile: You can take this photo yourself, but just remember to wear clean, formal clothes, preferably in a solid color, along with a plain and well-lit background. Make sure the photo is in focus, and, most importantly, don’t forget to smile. Appearing friendly and approachable is just as important as possessing the relevant expertise for roles. 

  • Set your time zone correctly: Such details will ensure that our recruiters and clients will be aware of the hours when they can count on you to be present and responsive. 

  • Set your availability: This is important to signal that you’re open to job invites and actively looking for employment opportunities. 

  • Remember to update your preferences regularly: Reflecting any changes in your schedule will ensure our recruiters have accurate information to work with. 

  • Review your profile for any grammatical errors or typos: Taking the time to make final checks will significantly enhance your chances of catching the attention of our recruiters. TeamEx’s talent pool is highly competitive, so you’ll want to do your best to stand out. 

Set Your Rate 

You’ll also be prompted to set your rate. We advise doing plenty of research at this stage to make sure you’re not overpricing or underpricing yourself. 

  • Check the industry standards and market conditions to gain insight into how much you should charge for your services. 

  • Remember to periodically review and adjust your rate to stay competitive and align with fluctuating market trends. 

By doing plenty of research when setting your rate, you can ensure that you’re being fairly compensated while also maximizing your opportunities on the TeamEx platform. 

Look Out For Emails 

Once your profile is set up, it’s ready to be viewed by our recruiters and shared with clients that best match your skills, culture, and values. At this point, all you need to do is wait to be contacted, which typically takes between a few hours and several days. 

  • Regularly check your emails and notifications to make sure you don’t miss a job invite.

  • Respond to invites quickly: As we operate on the first-come, first-served principle, your prompt response is critical.

Upon a client announcing the available position, our recruiters select and contact the best matching tech professionals. When you respond quickly to the invite, your details will be sent to the client.

Remember that If you fail to respond promptly to a recruiter, the opportunity will be given to another candidate, so keep a close eye on your inboxes. 

Contribute to the Community 

Your ideas matter to us and other talent, so we urge you to contribute to our Slack community. Why is it vital to stay active on Slack?

  • By staying active, engaging in discussions, and contributing suggestions, you can make a meaningful impact on the TeamEx community and help other professionals using our platform. 

  • Staying active on Slack will also indicate your engagement and dedication, which means you’ll be considered a valuable part of our community.

During Your Contract 

Your responsibility and the need to maintain your reputation do not end with receiving and accepting an offer. Here’s how to ensure the best experiences for you and the client. 

Perform at Your Best 

During your contract, you should provide clients with exceptional service. In two or five years, when the current job is complete and you’re open to a new role, we’ll consider your previous performance. If you’ve clearly shown professionalism during your contract and delivered high-quality work, it can significantly enhance your prospects for future opportunities on TeamEx. 

Ensure Seamless Communication with the Client

Impeccable communication and responsiveness are vital. For example, make sure to be openly communicating with your clients. Corporate Recruiters Survey reported 70% of employers globally considering communication skills the most desirable in new hires. Moreover, research shows that nearly 50% of workers report that ineffective communication impacts job satisfaction. If you fail to communicate with your client, it can lead to misunderstandings and missed deadlines. So, remember to keep your clients informed of the project process, propose solutions, and give constructive feedback whenever possible. 

Integrate Into the Company

Go the extra mile and actively try to integrate into the team and the company culture to open up the possibility of long-term collaboration. This includes familiarizing yourself with the company’s values and mission, seeking opportunities to collaborate with team members, and participating in workplace activities. 

Be Honest

Both TeamEx and our clients value honesty. 

  • Never delegate work to others behind the scenes without clients' informed consent.

  • Communicate openly any current challenges with your employer and team. 

Keep in Touch

If you encounter any issues during your time on our platform, including when providing services to a client, please do not hesitate to raise them with your TeamEx account manager. We understand that joining and navigating a new platform can be daunting, and we’re committed to providing you with all the support and assistance you need. 

Your TeamEx account manager will address any concerns you may have to ensure you feel completely comfortable and have a positive experience throughout your time with us.

Final Thoughts

Overall, TeamEx’s role is to present you with the opportunity to showcase your skills and connect with established clients in the tech industry. However, your success on our platform is dependent on your ability to effectively communicate with clients, provide high-quality work in a timely manner, and prioritize professionalism throughout the hiring process. 

By considering these factors and implementing them, you can truly make the most out of TeamEx as part of our diverse talent pool. 

About Author

Zafar Ibrohimov
Zafar IbrohimovFounder and CEO at TeamEx
Zafar is a 2X founder, entrepreneur, and tech enthusiast. He built his career at Fortune 500 companies as a software developer and at various startups as an Engineering Manager and CTO. In 2019, he shifted to focus full-time on entrepreneurship. He founded TeamEx with a vision to make global employment seamless for both companies and talent.