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How to Get the Best Out of TeamEx as a Company

Mariana Krasteva
Mariana KrastevaMarketing Expert at TeamEx

The tech industry, which is now worth over $4.6 trillion, is a highly competitive space for companies seeking new talent. Despite an abundance of incredibly skilled professionals available to hire for short and long-term projects, most may not be a suitable fit for your company. 

Choosing talent not aligned with your company's culture and skill requirements could cause project delays, create friction among current employees, and significantly extend the recruitment process. On the other hand, 86% of the chief information officers in a Gartner survey reported increased competition for highly skilled talent, with 73% feeling challenged when recruiting IT experts. This is where recruitment platforms can be instrumental in helping you stay competitive in talent hunting and find the perfect match for your company. TeamEx goes the extra mile by supporting your newly hired talent management with dedicated HR tools.

At TeamEX, we simplify the hiring process, providing exceptional precision in matches with the implementation of AI technology. However, to get the best out of our platform, there are some essential practices to follow before, during, and after hiring talent. 

What is TeamEx for Clients?

TeamEx is an innovative platform designed to connect businesses seeking specialized talent with high-performing tech professionals. The solution's main objective is to ensure transparent and immediate interactions between companies and the selected candidates, facilitating long-term collaborations based on the perfect alignment of skills, cultural fit, and career goals. 

TeamEx is focused on supporting businesses looking to establish permanent engagements, offering stability and growth opportunities for both companies and tech talent. The platform enables elite clients to access an exquisite pool of top vetted talent from Latin America and Europe, skilled in various tech sectors. 

The AI-driven screening and selection process implemented by TeamEx ensures a holistic match, considering technical competencies, company culture, and team dynamics. For companies, TeamEx provides a transparent payment structure, a straightforward relationship with tech professionals, and the HR tools required to manage talent after hiring. 

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Before You Hire

When you join the TeamEx community, you will need to take several steps before you start hiring Latin American developers and tech talent. Our platform values transparency from both employees and employers, which is why we have established a structured hiring process. Here’s what you’ll need to do as a company when joining TeamEx.

Completing Your Company Profile 

Before choosing from our talent pool, you have to create a company profile. A comprehensive profile enables us to match you with the best candidates suited to your company’s needs. 

You’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Company name

  • Company description, including products, services, and operations

  • Company brand identity, including mission, culture, and key values

  • Industry 

  • Location

To ensure we can effectively assist you in finding the right candidates, you must be as thorough as possible when creating your company account. A detailed and compelling profile is more likely to attract the top talent you offer roles to, as they will have clear insight into your company's identity, goals, and priorities. 

While other recruitment platforms focus solely on the skills and qualifications of candidates, we understand the importance of cultural fit in establishing positive, productive, and long-term working relationships between employers and employees. Therefore, it’s essential to be explicit and clear about your company's culture and key values.  

Creating Your Job Description

After setting up an in-depth company profile, you can create job descriptions for your available roles. A job description will inform candidates what to expect from the role and enable them to fully understand what you are looking for as a company.

When creating a job description, you should include as many details as possible, including: 

  • The candidate’s role

  • The job’s purpose

  • Key duties and responsibilities

  • Required qualifications

  • Other desired skills

  • Contact preferences

  • Your budget 

Overall, the best job descriptions for our platform will:

  • Describe what is challenging about the role and allude to what makes it interesting. Highlighting the specific demands and motivational aspects of the role will help your company onboard candidates seeking meaningful and fulfilling opportunities.

  • Strike the perfect balance between being informative and concise. They should give all the necessary details, allowing our recruiters and the selected candidates to decide on a suitable fit for the role. 

Note that you'll have to write your job descriptions only until our AI recruiter is fully trained based on your input. After it has completely internalized your style, requirements, tone of voice, and preferences, our AI assistant will take over the task of writing out your job posts based on a few key parameters only provided by you.

After posting your job description, our recruiters will shortlist a selection of top tech talent for you to interview and make your final employment decision. Such a process is designed to save you valuable time and potential complications involved in many interviews with irrelevant candidates.

Conducting Interviews with Selected European and Latin American Talent

With the help of our AI technology, we’ll present you with a thoroughly selected list of LATAM and European candidates suited to your role and company. You can then hand-pick which candidates you wish to interview from our selection. The ones you choose will be sent offers inviting them to an interview, which they can accept or deny.

We advise you to be prepared to conduct interviews very soon after posting the job description, as offers will be accepted quickly. Our top-performing candidates may be offered several roles at once, so if you don’t promptly prepare to conduct interviews, you may miss an opportunity to work with top talent. 

Ideally, you should have a clear structure for your interview, starting with a brief welcome and a short introduction to your company. You should describe the role and what is expected from your interviewee before asking some questions. We recommend questions such as: 

  • What makes you interested in this role?

  • What is your work style?

  • How do you stay organized?

  • How do you prioritize tasks?

  • What are your strengths?

  • What are your weaknesses?

  • What are your career aspirations? 

  • Are you interested in long-term collaboration?

Remember to respect the talent’s time during the interview and focus on establishing effective communication. Our talent pool is made up of highly-demanded industry professionals, so you should treat them appropriately. 

During the interview, you can also negotiate a salary with interviewees. If needed, we can support you during this process. However, it is ultimately down to your discretion. You can consider market rates to ensure that the compensation package you offer is competitive and fair based on the candidate’s experience level and qualifications. You may finish the interview by inviting candidates to ask any questions they might have regarding the role or your company.

After conducting the interviews, you can choose the candidate that best suits your role, and we will send them an offer on your behalf. 

After You Hire

Although some platforms consider recruitment the final stage of their services, TeamEx supports companies throughout employment as well. Retaining our quality talent in Latin America and Europe goes beyond simply offering a competitive pay package. To ensure satisfaction for your new employees and encourage them to be fully invested in your success, you will need to offer seamless onboarding and employment experiences. 

Onboarding Talent from Latin America and Europe

Poor onboarding leads to employees feeling undertrained and dissatisfied. Just on the contrary, a positive and informative onboarding experience is vital for your new hires to flourish in their positions and produce exemplary results in return. However, only half of new hires feel satisfied with the onboarding experience at their current job. 

When onboarding new talent from TeamEx, remember to:

  • Treat TeamExers like team members rather than freelancers: This will help them integrate properly into your company and feel welcomed. To achieve this:

    • Introduce them officially to the other team members

    • Provide them with a company email

    • Inform them of online team meetings and team-building events

    • Ask for their opinions

    • Give them an overview of your company’s culture  

  • Offer your new employees all the benefits available to the rest of your team: This will help you establish an inclusive and fair environment in which the newly acquired talent feels equally valued and rewarded, ultimately promoting long-term collaboration, increasing retention rates, and reducing costs over the long term. Think of benefits, such as:

    • Flexible working hours

    • Training opportunities

    • Recognition programs

    • Discount codes for services 

Reporting Issues

We are open to hearing your feedback and quickly resolving any issues you may encounter during the recruitment, onboarding, and employee processes. 

If you notice any unprofessionalism or are unsatisfied with the quality of work from your new hire, please do not hesitate to contact your TeamEx account manager. Together, we’ll find the best solution, such as replacing the candidate or facilitating open communication to address and fix the problem. 

Final Thoughts 

TeamEx adds unrivaled efficiency and accuracy to the recruitment process. Rather than relying on a new hire’s skills alone, we consider all aspects of their personality and workstyle, ensuring that we make a precise match with employees and streamlining the hiring of new tech professionals from Latin America and Europe.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of our platform, be sure to be thorough in your company profile and create an informative job description to catch the attention of our talent pool. After selecting the candidates you believe will be a good fit for the role, you can conduct an interview that provides both you and the candidates with all the necessary information. 

After hiring your chosen candidate, we advise carefully integrating them into your team and making them feel as welcome as possible. We will be more than happy to support you during this time. If any issues arise after you inform us, we’ll do everything we can to resolve them. 

By incorporating this advice through the recruitment process and your time with TeamEx, you can maximize your company’s potential and benefit from hiring a motivated, skilled, and dedicated candidate. 

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