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Top 5 Best Toptal Alternatives to Hire Tech Talent in 2024

Mariana Krasteva
Mariana KrastevaMarketing Expert at TeamEx

Finding the right tech talent is crucial for the success of any tech project. Freelancer and remote recruitment platforms, such as Toptal and its alternatives, offer an easy and straightforward way to access tech talent globally.

With the fivefold increase in remote hiring over the last five years, almost half of the global workforce freelancing, and the vast majority of talent opting and recommending remote work arrangements, platforms offering connections to remote and freelance tech experts are on the rise. Toptal has become a popular option, known for its stringent vetting process and exquisite talent pool. However, businesses seeking flexible hiring models, different pricing strategies, or specific expertise are looking beyond and exploring Toptal alternatives. 

Several options have surfaced, promising not just quality talent but also features that align more closely with varying project needs and company cultures. Our exploration into Toptal alternatives aims to provide companies with insights on where to find tech talent that best fits their project requirements, focusing on the unique offerings and advantages of platforms like TeamEx, Arc, Upwork,, and CloudDevs.

Quick Toptal Review

Toptal sets itself apart by exclusively claiming the top 3% of freelancers, ensuring only the most skilled professionals pass its comprehensive screening process. This selectivity benefits both elite talent seeking high-quality projects and prestigious clients in need of top-tier expertise.

Toptal caters to a wide range of industries, including tech, design, and finance, offering both short-term and long-term contracts. This flexibility ensures that businesses can find the right talent for projects of any scope or duration, while freelancers have the opportunity to engage in diverse and challenging work.

Toptal for Freelancers

The platform is distinguished by a rigorous screening process, evaluating candidates' skills, experience, and communication abilities to ensure they align with the platform's high standards. This meticulous approach guarantees that clients have access to top-tier talent. Additionally, freelancers benefit from the unique advantage of participating in premium projects without Toptal taking a cut from their earnings, enabling them to charge premium rates for their services.

Benefits for Toptal Talent

Challenges for Toptal Talent

Access to high-caliber projects

Rigorous and competitive screening process

Competitive compensation

High competition for projects

Professional development opportunities

Lack of control over pricing

Toptal for Clients

When hiring tech engineers from Toptal, companies are introduced to a pricing structure designed to match the platform's high-quality talent. Here's a concise overview:

Pricing overview

  • Initial deposit: Companies make a $500 deposit, credited toward the first invoice, ensuring commitment to hiring through Toptal

  • Service fee: Rates provided to clients include Toptal's service fee, incorporating the platform's vetting and matching services

  • Risk-Free Trial: A trial period allows companies to assess the freelancer's fit, with options for a refund or replacement if unsatisfied

Hiring costs

  • Tech engineer rates: Hourly rates for engineers range from $60 to over $150, varying by expertise and project demands

  • Engagement models: Flexibility to hire on an hourly, part-time (20 hours/week), or full-time (40 hours/week) basis, catering to different project scopes

This structure aims to balance access to elite talent with financial commitment, ensuring companies can efficiently find the right tech expertise for their projects.

Toptal offers businesses access to top talent and dedicated support, streamlining the hiring process. However, its model may lead to high employee turnover, as freelancers juggle multiple projects instead of prioritizing long-term commitment. Challenges like premium pricing and restricted direct selection are additional drawbacks of the platform.

Benefits for Toptal Clients

Challenges for Toptal clients

A two-week risk-free trial

Premium pricing prohibitive for smaller businesses

Access to an exclusive network of top talent

Not fully committed freelancers looking for multiple projects

Dedicated project managers for ongoing support

Potentially high employee turnover due to lack of commitment

Vetted quality talent

No direct browsing or selection for clients

Time-saving with managed screening and onboarding

Having highlighted the key features, let’s explore the main Toptal alternatives.

TeamEx: A Superior Toptal Alternative

Introducing TeamEx

TeamEx stands out as a groundbreaking platform, not merely a Toptal alternative but a leader in connecting tech talent with companies. It harnesses advanced AI Recruiter technology to refine the hiring process, emphasizing a human-centered approach that ensures talent matches are not only skillful but culturally aligned. TeamEx specializes in bringing together top engineers from LATAM and Europe, offering a unique proposition for companies seeking specialized skills and a diverse workforce.

TeamEx vs Toptal: Distinctive Features

  • Innovative hiring process: TeamEx streamlines talent acquisition with AI technology ensuring efficient and accurate matches

  • Regional expertise: The platform works with tech talent from Latin America and Europe, providing the perfect combination of expertise and cost

  • Transparent pricing: TeamEx operates on a flat monthly fee, devoid of hidden costs, contrasting with Toptal’s more opaque pricing structure

  • Long-lasting commitment: The recruiting platform focuses on fostering long-lasting engagements, ensuring talent and companies grow together

  • Operational excellence: TeamEx simplifies compliance, payroll, and contract management, facilitating a smoother hiring journey

  • Vetted talent pool: The broad spectrum of tech expertise is presented by selected top LATAM and European engineers who go through a comprehensive screening process

  • Diversity of talent skills: TeamEx is focused on sourcing tech talent, including software engineers, developers, and designers, compared to the slightly wider range of expertise offered by Toptal

TeamEx for Clients

TeamEx offers talent matching focused on long-term engagement, which involves substantial savings resulting from improved employee retention and an increase in productivity. The AI-enabled analysis of the professional and personality profile of the tech talent ensures a perfect fit with the company culture and requirements, promising smoother integration and seamless collaboration.

Benefits for TeamEx clients

Challenges for TeamEx clients

Cost efficiency due to direct salary negotiation with talent

Geographic focus, mainly targeting LATAM and European talent

Fast & seamless hiring process requiring minimum involvement of the client

Long-term commitment only, unsuited for clients offering one-off projects

Transparent & affordable pricing, with a flat fee and no hidden costs

Long-term commitment and reduced employee turnover

TeamEx for Job Seekers/Tech Talent

TeamEx offers the opportunity for direct salary negotiations, ensuring higher compensation without any platform charges, and promotes long-term engagements within an exclusive community for professional growth. Here are the key benefits and challenges of TeamEx.

Benefits for TeamEx talent

Challenges for TeamEx talent

Direct earnings negotiation

Competitive selection for job opportunities

No charges for tech experts

Regional limitation

Stable professional development opportunities

Membership in a select group known for quality and expertise

TeamEx distinguishes itself by not just being an alternative but a clearly superior choice with its flat, transparent fees, and a strong emphasis on creating lasting relationships between tech talent and companies.

Arc: Customized Developer Teams

Introducing Arc

Arc is one of the Toptal competitors, offering highly customized developer teams to companies and ensuring a perfect match for both short-term and long-term projects. This platform stands out with its ability to build co-located remote hubs and tailor-fit solutions, aligning closely with a company's specific requirements and preferred time zones.

Arc vs Toptal: Distinctive Features

  • Customized team building: Arc excels in assembling developer teams that are tailor-made for a company’s specific project needs.

  • Extensive vetting process: With a stringent vetting procedure, Arc ensures that only the top developers, including those with backgrounds from top companies and organizations, make it through

  • Flexible pricing and hiring models: Arc provides both freelance and permanent hiring options, with transparent pricing based on the developer's set rates and a one-time fee for permanent placements

Arc for Clients

Arc delivers rapid matches with pre-vetted developers in as little as 24 to 72 hours, offering a diverse talent pool and risk-free trial periods for client assurance. However, costs can vary greatly depending on the developer's rates and type of hire, and companies must depend on Arc's matching process, which restricts direct search options. These are the main advantages and disadvantages for Arc clients.

Benefits for Arc clients

Challenges for Arc clients

Rapid matching

Pricing variability based on the developer’s rates and the nature of the hire

Versatile talent pool

Dependence on Arc’s matching, limiting direct search options

Risk-free trial periods

Arc for Talent

Arc allows developers to set their own rates, offering a breadth of project opportunities and a supportive community for professional growth. However, the competitive environment demands high skill levels to stand out, and the fee structure's clarity regarding earnings and breakdowns may lack transparency.

Benefits for Arc talent

Challenges for Arc talent

Set your own rates

Highly competitive environment

Diverse project opportunities

Lack of fee structure transparency

Supportive community

Arc presents a compelling alternative for companies looking for customized tech teams and offers a supportive, growth-oriented platform for tech talent. With its focus on customization and flexible hiring models, Arc caters to the unique needs of both startups and established companies, making it a strong contender in the quest for top tech talent.

Upwork: The Diverse Freelancer Marketplace

Introducing Upwork

Upwork serves as a massive marketplace, connecting companies with a global pool of freelancers across various tech disciplines. Its platform facilitates a direct link between businesses and independent professionals, offering an unparalleled diversity in skill sets and expertise levels.

Upwork vs Toptal: Distinctive Features

  • Broad talent pool: Upwork's marketplace is vast, offering access to freelancers with a wide array of technical skills and experience levels

  • Flexible pricing model: Through its bidding system, Upwork allows for competitive pricing, giving companies the ability to find talent within their budget

  • Project management tools: The platform provides comprehensive tools for tracking progress, making collaboration and project management seamless

Upwork for Clients

Upwork offers clients access to a diverse pool of talent and a cost-effective, straightforward hiring process for tech projects of all types. However, the variability in freelancer quality requires clients to conduct thorough vetting, and the platform's service fees add to the total hiring cost.

Benefits for Upwork clients

Challenges for Upwork clients

Access to a diverse range of skills

Varying levels of freelancer quality and expertise, requiring careful selection

Multiple bids allowing the best budget and skill selection

Upwork scammers with fake freelancer profiles and skills

Easy hiring process

A service fee adding to the overall cost of hiring

Upwork for Talent

Upwork talent enjoys access to a wide array of job opportunities, flexible pricing options, and exposure to an international clientele, enhancing their freelance careers. However, the platform's competitive environment and the presence of scam clients pose significant challenges. Additionally, a 10% service fee on earnings can impact freelancers' overall income.

Benefits for Upwork talent

Challenges for Upwork talent

Wide range of opportunities

High competition for projects

Flexibility in pricing

Scam clients potentially making talent work without payment or provide personal information

Visibility to global clients

A 10% service fee incurred by freelancers

Upwork's open marketplace model provides both freelancers and companies with a flexible, diverse environment for tech projects. While it offers vast opportunities and competitive pricing, both parties must navigate the challenges of varying quality and high competition. Silicon Valley's Tech Talent Solution

Introducing pledges to bridge the gap between companies and Silicon Valley-caliber tech talent globally. It employs a sophisticated matching algorithm and a rigorous vetting process to ensure businesses can access highly skilled professionals suited for their specific project requirements. vs. TopTal: Distinctive Features

  • Silicon Valley quality: Focuses on providing companies with access to a level of talent typically found in the tech hub of Silicon Valley

  • Deep vetting process: uses a comprehensive screening process that assesses technical skills, English proficiency, and work ethics

  • Support and management tools: Offers extensive project management tools and support systems to facilitate remote team collaboration for Clients offers companies access to a curated pool of top-tier tech talent, complemented by an efficient matching algorithm and robust support for managing remote teams. However, the premium pricing associated with its high-quality talent pool may deter startups and smaller businesses, while its focus on elite professionals may not align with all project requirements or budgets.

Benefits for clients

Challenges for clients

Access to elite talent

Premium pricing

Efficient matching

Limited niche-focused talent options

Remote team support for Talent gives freelancers access to significant projects with top companies, offering competitive pay and professional development opportunities. However, its stringent vetting process and focus on advanced skill projects limit accessibility for less experienced talent, making it a platform for those at the top of their field.

Benefits for talent

Challenges for talent

Visibility to prestigious projects

Stringent and competitive selection process

Competitive compensation

Advanced skills requirements for all projects limiting access for less experienced candidates

Skill enhancement and career advancement opportunities excels in connecting companies with remote tech talent of Silicon Valley caliber, offering a comprehensive support system for managing remote teams. While it promises high-quality outcomes for complex projects, both clients and freelancers should consider the platform's focus and pricing structure against their needs and capabilities.

CloudDevs: The Top European and Latin American Talent

Introducing CloudDevs

CloudDevs distinguishes itself by specializing in connecting companies with top tech talent from Europe and Latin America. Focused on offering no-deposit, flat-rate pricing, CloudDevs aims to provide an effective and cost-efficient hiring process for startups and established businesses alike, ensuring access to a vetted talent pool without hidden costs.

CloudDevs vs Toptal: Distinctive Features

  • Regional specialization: Prioritizes talent from Europe and Latin America, offering companies a diverse pool of skilled professionals

  • Transparent pricing model: Adopts a no-deposit, flat-rate model that promotes clarity and predictability in hiring costs

  • Vetted talent pool: Ensures quality by vetting candidates thoroughly, though with a focus on specific regions

CloudDevs for Clients

CloudDevs offers companies a cost-effective hiring solution with its flat-rate pricing and access to a regionally specialized talent pool in Europe and Latin America, simplifying budget management and talent acquisition. However, its geographic focus and niche orientation might limit its appeal to companies seeking a broader global talent selection or those with different project needs.

Benefits for CloudDevs clients

Challenges for CloudDevs clients

Transparent flat-rate pricing model

Geographic limitation to European and Latin American talent

Access to a regionally specialized talent pool

Limited niche-focused talent options

Streamlined hiring process

CloudDevs for Talent

CloudDevs connects talent with attractive projects and fair compensation, fostering professional growth within a targeted client base in Europe and Latin America. However, its regional focus might restrict exposure and opportunities for those outside these markets.

Benefits for CloudDevs talent

Challenges for CloudDevs talent

Attractive projects

Regional restriction to Europe and Latin America

Fair compensation

Limited global visibility

Opportunities for career advancement

CloudDevs offers a compelling alternative for companies and freelancers focusing on European and Latin American markets, emphasizing a transparent and straightforward hiring process. While it presents an efficient route to specialized talent, potential users should weigh the platform’s regional focus and pricing advantages against their specific needs.

Making the Right Toptal Alternative Choice

Selecting the right platform for hiring tech talent is a critical decision that impacts not only the immediate success of your projects but also your long-term operational efficiency. It requires a careful assessment of your specific project needs, budget constraints, and the level of involvement you wish to maintain throughout the hiring and collaboration process. Different platforms offer unique advantages, whether it's access to a global talent pool, specialized regional expertise, cost efficiency, or a particular focus on project or long-term engagements.

To aid in this decision-making process, here's a comparison table summarizing the key features and pricing of TeamEx, Arc, Upwork,, CloudDevs, and Toptal.

Taptal alternatives table

Tips for Companies:

  1. Define your needs: Clarify whether you need short-term project assistance, long-term engagement, or something in between. This will help you narrow down platforms based on their contractual flexibility.

  2. Consider budget constraints: Evaluate each platform's pricing structure to understand the overall cost implications, including any deposits, service fees, or the ability to negotiate rates directly with talent.

  3. Assess vetting processes: Understand how each platform vets its freelancers. A more rigorous vetting process may offer higher-quality talent but could also limit the available pool.

  4. Evaluate geographic focus: If your project requires specific regional knowledge or you have a preference for talent in certain time zones, consider platforms specializing in those areas.

  5. Determine your involvement level: Some platforms offer dedicated project managers and handle much of the vetting and management process for you, while others require a more hands-on approach from the client's side.

Based on these factors and the evaluation of each platform against your specific criteria, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your company’s tech talent needs, ensuring successful outcomes and productive collaborations.

Tips for Tech Talent

Adding to the guidance for companies, it's equally important for tech talent navigating these platforms to find the best fit for their career goals and preferences. Here are some additional tips for tech talent:

  1. Understand each platform's niche: Some platforms, like TeamEx and, focus on long-term engagements or specific regional talent, while others, like Upwork, cater to a broad range of freelance work. Knowing the niche can help you align with platforms that best match your career aspirations.

  2. Evaluate the vetting process: Platforms with more rigorous vetting processes, like Toptal, may offer higher-quality projects and clients. Consider how a platform’s vetting process might impact your ability to join and succeed on the platform.

  3. Review platform policies and community: Understanding the terms of service, including payment policies, compensation structure, dispute resolution, and community support, can help you avoid potential issues. Some platforms allow more flexibility in setting rates, while others, like TeamEx, offer a flat monthly rate. Engaging with platform communities can also offer insights and assistance from fellow tech talent.

  4. Portfolio and profile optimization: Ensure your profile and portfolio are optimized to showcase your best work and skills. A strong presence can significantly impact your success rate in securing projects.

  5. Be proactive in communication: When engaging with potential clients, clear and professional communication can set you apart. Be proactive in discussing project expectations, timelines, and any other details to ensure a good match.

By considering these tips, tech talent can better navigate the landscape of freelancing platforms, finding opportunities that best fit their skills, work preferences, and career goals, thereby fostering more satisfying and productive engagements.


The quest for superior tech talent introduces viable Toptal alternatives, with TeamEx, Arc, Upwork,, and CloudDevs emerging prominently for their distinctive features and comprehensive benefits. Offering an innovative AI-driven process and a transparent pricing model, TeamEx not only aligns with varied project demands but also promises a seamless integration of high-caliber LATAM and European engineers into global tech projects.

For businesses seeking to fortify their tech capabilities, TeamEx represents a strategic pivot towards enhanced efficiency and diversity. The platform's commitment to fostering enduring partnerships between companies and tech professionals underscores its unique position in the competitive landscape.

Discover how TeamEx can transform your tech talent acquisition strategy and propel your projects forward.

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