Sergio G.

Sergio G.

Bogota, Colombia

Mobile Developer

10 years of exp.

Profile Summary

As a Senior Android developer, my commitment to excellence, complemented by robust communication and interpersonal skills, facilitates seamless collaboration with stakeholders across all levels. This alignment ensures that technical solutions consistently meet and exceed business objectives.

Primary Skills

Java | 10 yrsCloud Mobile App | 4 yrsAndroid Jetpack | 9 yrsMobile Development | 9 yrsUnit Testing | 8 yrsAndroid | 10 yrsAndroid Studio | 10 yrsJira | 3 yrs

Culture Profile

In workplace, I am known for . . .
  • Building strong relationships and fostering team spirit.
  • Adapting quickly to new technologies and processes.
I thrive in environments . . .
  • That value diversity and inclusivity.
  • Where there's autonomy and trust in employees' abilities.
I struggle in environments . . .
  • Where there's a lack of transparency or trust between management and employees.
  • Where there's a culture of blame rather than problem-solving and support.

Work Experience

Betsson Group

Senior Android Developer
  • Aug, 2021 - Present
  • Remote
  • As an Android Developer, I led the development of a language learning app, focusing on gamified learning experiences. I implemented interactive quizzes, progress tracking, and personalized recommendations, enhancing user engagement and language proficiency.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams, I contributed to a travel booking app project by integrating dynamic pricing algorithms. We utilized machine learning techniques to provide users with real-time pricing predictions and personalized travel recommendations based on their preferences.
  • During my time as an Android Developer, I specialized in developing a meditation app, incorporating features like guided meditation sessions and mindfulness exercises. Utilizing audio streaming and offline access capabilities, we offered users a seamless meditation experience anytime, anywhere.


JavaKotlinJava SEAndroid JetpackMVC (Model-View-Controller)Unit TestingAndroidAndroid StudioJUnit




Senior Android Developer
  • Jan, 2018 - Aug, 2021
  • Remote
  • During my tenure as an Android Developer, I worked on an e-commerce app project, focusing on enhancing the checkout process. Implementing secure payment gateways and streamlining user authentication resulted in increased conversion rates and improved user satisfaction.
  • Collaborating with a talented team, I contributed to a productivity app by developing collaborative features such as real-time document editing and task sharing. Utilizing Firebase for backend synchronization, we provided users with seamless collaboration experiences across devices.
  • I specialized in developing a navigation app, incorporating features like offline maps and voice-guided navigation. Utilizing Google Maps API and optimizing data caching mechanisms, we ensured reliable navigation even in areas with limited internet connectivity.


JavaKotlinCloud Mobile AppAndroid JetpackMobile DevelopmentAndroidAndroid Studio


IT Services


Android Developer
  • Dec, 2013 - Jan, 2018
  • Remote
  • I worked on a social media app project, focusing on implementing photo-sharing functionalities. Optimizing image compression algorithms and integrating with cloud storage services ensured seamless sharing experiences for users.
  • I contributed to a music streaming app by developing offline playback features. Implementing caching mechanisms and offline storage capabilities allowed users to enjoy their favorite music even without an internet connection.
  • I specialized in optimizing performance for an Android game. Through efficient memory management and graphics rendering techniques, we achieved smooth gameplay experiences across a wide range of Android devices.


JavaKotlinCloud Mobile AppJava SEAndroid JetpackMobile DevelopmentMVC (Model-View-Controller)Serverless ArchitectureAndroidAndroid Studio


IT Services


Bachelor's degree
  • IIngenier√≠a de sistemas
  • Universidad Piloto de Colombia, Colombia
  • 2013


Android Certified Application Developer (ACAD)
  • Google Developers Certification
  • 2016
Android Security Essentials Certification
  • Android Security Team
  • 2014
Android Performance Optimization Certification
  • Android Performance Team
  • 2020

All Skills

  • Languages

    • Java | 10 yrs
    • Kotlin | 5 yrs
  • Cloud

    • Cloud Mobile App | 4 yrs
    • Gradle App Engine Plugin | 4 yrs
    • Java SE | 4 yrs
  • Libraries

    • Android Jetpack | 9 yrs
  • Paradigms

    • Mobile Development | 9 yrs
    • MVC (Model-View-Controller) | 4 yrs
    • Scrum | 4 yrs
    • Serverless Architecture | 4 yrs
    • Unit Testing | 8 yrs
  • Platforms

    • iOS | 1 yr
    • Android | 10 yrs
  • Tools

    • Android Studio | 10 yrs
    • Gradle | 4 yrs
    • Jira | 3 yrs
    • JUnit | 3 yrs