Everton O.

Everton O.

Praia Grande, Brazil

Full Stack Developer

11 years of exp.

Profile Summary

I'm a Senior Developer with 11 years of experience. I began my career at a consultancy where I worked on a variety of projects and technologies, including e-commerce, retail systems, financial systems, CRM integrations, and on-site client deployments. Currently, I work in the mobile marketing sector (initially a startup), where we perform data collection via scraping and process high volumes of data using various microservices and AI to generate dashboards and reports. I also build multiple APIs, creating scalable and robust architectures, always employing development and security best practices, design patterns, and performance monitoring tools, while optimizing and indexing SQL and NoSQL databases. Through this experience, I have gained solid expertise in agile methodologies (Scrum and Kanban), working with over 40 microservices including crawlers, web scraping, APIs, platforms, and integrations, utilizing message queues for communication between them. I actively and proactively develop in technologies such as Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, RabbitMQ, NestJS, Express, C# .NET, React, Docker, and Redis. Additionally, I have honed my soft skills, including communication, emotional intelligence, resilience, critical thinking, adaptability, and the ability to give and receive constructive feedback effectively.

Work Experience


Development Team Leader
  • Apr, 2016 - Present
  • Brazil
  • Hands-on coding
  • Bug triage
  • Sprint velocity management
  • Close integration with QA teams
  • Direct 1-1 coaching with development team members
  • Architecture / implementation planning on complex features
  • Responsible for overseeing 2 development squads
  • Gather and analyze metrics and KPIs to support the professional growth of team members
  • Facilitate Scrum and Kanban ceremonies to ensure efficient project management
  • Collaborate in constructing and prioritizing product backlogs
  • Contribute to technical decision-making processes
  • Assist in the formulation of strategic plans for the company
  • Aid in crafting individual development plans for team members
  • Analyze and monitor all microservices to identify potential bottlenecks and opportunities for performance enhancement
  • Conduct research and training sessions on innovations and Developer Experience (DX)
  • Foster the overall culture of the company and promote OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
  • Explore tools and market best practices to enhance team productivity
  • Contribute to the automation of writing unit and end-to-end tests
  • Engage in pair programming to unleash the full potential of the team
  • Guardian of best practices and design patterns
  • Ensure the implementation, validation/testing, and support of projects implemented by the area
  • Management of workflow for teams that are core products of the company, bringing metrics on management, identifying 'bottlenecks,' impediments, conflict management, and giving assertive feedback
  • Responsible for architecting, designing, developing, deploying, and operating services in the DevOps culture
  • Ensure compliance with agile processes, primarily Scrum
  • Ensure best security practices in tool development
  • Resolution of technical debt related to scalability and performance
  • Write documentation
  • Ensure effective communication among the team


C#JavaScriptTypeScriptAPI ManagementApplication ExpressCloud MonitoringNoSQLRedisSQLNode.jsReactRabbitMQAgile DevelopmentDesign PatternsKanbanMicroservicesScrumSecure Coding PracticesDockerPerformance OptimizationNest.jsWeb scraping


Mobile CommerceSoftware

Nortia IT Tecnologia

Mid-level Developer
  • Apr, 2013 - Apr, 2016
  • Brazil
  • Starting as a junior developer, I worked as a Web Developer Analyst in .NET, specializing in system development, tasks involve implementing and deploying new projects across diverse domains such as virtual stores, financial services, point of sale systems, and internal management tools
  • Proficiency extends to handling Oracle and MS SQL Server databases, ensuring efficient data management and storage
  • Core programming languages utilized are C# and ASP.NET MVC, Jquery, JavaScript facilitating the creation of robust and scalable web applications tailored to unique client requirements
  • Extensive experience in client-site engagements allows for adept addressing of client needs, provision of tailored solutions, and ensuring client satisfaction throughout the development lifecycle
  • Management of on-site deployment of projects at client locations ensures seamless integration and minimal disruption to business operations
  • Additionally, tasks include maintenance and bug fixing in client systems to uphold system integrity and performance
  • Expertise in integration development involves streamlining data flow and functionality across disparate systems to enhance overall efficiency
  • Contributions extend to the development of internal projects using C# and ASP.NET, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive organizational innovation and productivity
  • Proficiency extends to writing optimized queries, procedures, and triggers, ensuring high-performance databases through effective indexing and maintenance


C#JavaScriptApplication IntegrationWeb Application FirewallDatabase AdministrationMicrosoft SQL ServerOracleASP.NET MVCjQueryLean Software DevelopmentCode RefactoringClient Site EngagementsMaintenance


IT ServicesSoftware


Bachelor's degree
  • Systems Development Analysis
  • FATEC de Praia Grande, Brazil
  • 2014
Associate's degree
  • Computer technician with emphasis on programming
  • ETEC de Praia Grande, Brazil
  • 2010


Pre-Intermediate English Course
  • Cavendish English School
  • 2015

All Skills

  • Languages

    • C# | 11 yrs
    • JavaScript | 11 yrs
    • TypeScript | 8 yrs
  • Cloud

    • API Management | 8 yrs
    • Application Express | 8 yrs
    • Application Integration | 3 yrs
    • Cloud Monitoring | 8 yrs
    • Web Application Firewall | 3 yrs
  • Databases

    • Database Administration | 3 yrs
    • Microsoft SQL Server | 3 yrs
    • NoSQL | 8 yrs
    • Oracle | 3 yrs
    • Redis | 8 yrs
    • SQL | 11 yrs
  • Frameworks

    • ASP.NET MVC | 3 yrs
    • Node.js | 8 yrs
    • React | 8 yrs
  • Libraries

    • jQuery | 3 yrs
    • RabbitMQ | 8 yrs
    • Nest.js | 8 yrs
  • Paradigms

    • Agile Development | 11 yrs
    • Design Patterns | 11 yrs
    • Kanban | 11 yrs
    • Lean Software Development | 3 yrs
    • Microservices | 8 yrs
    • Scrum | 11 yrs
    • Secure Coding Practices | 11 yrs
    • Performance Optimization | 11 yrs
    • Code Refactoring | 3 yrs
  • Tools

    • Docker | 8 yrs
    • Web scraping | 8 yrs
  • Others

    • Client Site Engagements | 3 yrs
    • Maintenance | 3 yrs