Camilo M.

Camilo M.

Agua de Dios, Colombia

Mobile Developer

7 years of exp.

Profile Summary

As a Senior Android developer, I am dedicated to fostering innovation, nurturing a culture of excellence, and surpassing expectations with every solution. I am eager to utilize my expertise and leadership skills to bring about substantial advancements in future projects.

Primary Skills

Java | 9 yrsKotlin | 9 yrsFirebase Authentication | 9 yrsAndroid Jetpack | 9 yrsAndroid | 9 yrsConfluence | 9 yrsGradle | 9 yrsJira | 9 yrs

Culture Profile

In workplace, I am known for . . .
  • be a great friend.
  • collaborating effectively with team members.
I thrive in environments . . .
  • that encourage open communication and collaboration.
  • that value continuous learning and personal development.
I struggle in environments . . .
  • where there's a lack of clarity or frequent changes in direction.
  • where there's little emphasis on work-life balance or employee well-being.

Work Experience

Mercado Libre

Senior Android Developer
  • Oct, 2019 - Present
  • Argentina
  • As an Android Developer, I played a key role in developing a food delivery app, focusing on refining the order tracking functionality. Users could easily monitor their orders in real-time, enhancing their overall dining experience.
  • In collaboration with the team, I contributed to a music streaming app project by implementing offline playback functionality. Users could download their favorite songs for offline listening, providing greater flexibility and convenience.
  • During my time as an Android Developer, I worked on a navigation app, optimizing route calculation algorithms. This resulted in faster and more accurate navigation, improving the overall user satisfaction and usability of the app.


JavaKotlinAWS DataSyncAWS Glue Data QualityAndroid JetpackAndroidAndroid Studio




Senior Android Developer
  • Jul, 2018 - Aug, 2019
  • Colombia
  • During my time as an Android Developer, I worked on a project involving the integration of real-time chat functionalities into a messaging app. I optimized message delivery algorithms, resulting in faster and more reliable communication for users.
  • In a collaborative effort with the team, I contributed to the development of a transportation app, focusing on implementing geolocation features for accurate navigation. Users could easily track their routes and find nearby transportation options with precision.
  • As part of a mobile gaming project, I specialized in optimizing graphics rendering performance for an Android game. By fine-tuning rendering pipelines and implementing efficient resource management techniques, we ensured smooth gameplay experiences on a wide range of devices.


JavaScriptJavaKotlinFirebase AuthenticationFirebase Realtime DatabaseJava SEAndroid JetpackFirebaseAndroidAndroid StudioConfluence


IT Services


Android Developer
  • May, 2016 - Jun, 2018
  • Remote
  • As an Android Developer, I collaborated on a fitness tracking app, focusing on optimizing UI/UX design for seamless interaction.
  • In my role, I integrated augmented reality features into a social media platform, enhancing user engagement.
  • Contributing to a fintech startup, I developed secure payment processing for an Android banking app, ensuring user transaction safety.


JavaKotlinJava SEAndroid JetpackAndroidAndroid StudioConfluenceGitJiraJUnit


IT Services


Bachelor's degree
  • Systems Engineering
  • Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia
  • 2015


Associate Android Developer Certification
  • Google
  • 2022
Professional Android Developer Certification
  • Android Developers
  • 2021
Android Enterprise Associate Certification
  • Google
  • 2021

All Skills

  • Languages

    • JavaScript | 9 yrs
    • Java | 9 yrs
    • Kotlin | 9 yrs
  • Cloud

    • AWS DataSync | 8 yrs
    • AWS Glue Data Quality | 8 yrs
    • Firebase Authentication | 9 yrs
    • Firebase Realtime Database | 7 yrs
    • Gradle App Engine Plugin | 8 yrs
    • Java SE | 8 yrs
  • Libraries

    • Android Jetpack | 9 yrs
    • Firebase | 8 yrs
  • Paradigms

    • Scrum | 7 yrs
  • Platforms

    • iOS | 8 yrs
    • Android | 9 yrs
  • Tools

    • Android Studio | 8 yrs
    • Confluence | 9 yrs
    • Git | 8 yrs
    • Gradle | 9 yrs
    • Jira | 9 yrs
    • JUnit | 8 yrs